Temple Run 2 For Android

Temple Run for Android is a free game that you can play on your device. This is a fun adventure game that will keep you playing for hours. This game is not only available for Android devices, but for iOS users too. Those who have iOS devices may download the application from the iTunes store. Temple Run Android is available on the Google Play store. Once done with the download and installation of the game, you can start playing by tapping on its icon on the home screen.


Basic Game Play

This game does not have any levels or stages as it is never ending; unless of course your character dies. Your goal is to survive as long as you can from the hordes of monsters that are chasing you. There will be obstacles along the way that you need to avoid. Jump, slide, turn left and right to get away from the enemies while preventing the hindrances that come your way.

Swipe down to slide, swipe up to jump, swipe to the left to turn left and swipe to the right to turn right. If you need to move left or right of you path, tilt your device to the proper direction. The game is in auto-run mode so your character will automatically run upon the start of the game. You will die if the monsters catch you and the game will end. Bumping on walls and trees may also result to death. Some will make you stumble, thus giving a chance for the enemies to get closer to you. Coins can be collected along the way, which will add up to your score. You may also use them for purchasing power-ups and utilities. Your total score will be a combination of the distance you reached and the coins earned.

Power-ups and Utilities

These power-ups and utilities can help you stay longer on the game and get higher score. Some of the power-ups that you can get are mega coin, coin magnet, invisibility, boost and coin values. The mega coin will give you varying number of coins depending on its level. You can get 50 to 150 coins from this. The coin magnet will make you automatically get the coins that you see along the way for a certain period. The invisibility power-up lets you pass through the obstacles without having to slide or jump. This also lasts for a certain period.

The boost power-up will make you run faster on a specific distance. The coin value power-up will make the value of the coins bigger after reaching a specific distance. There are 3 utilities that you can purchase with your coins. They are resurrection, boost and mega boost. Resurrection will make your character respawn after dying so you do not have to start all over again. However, this only lasts for 30 seconds. So if you think that there is no way out, double tap on the screen to activate resurrection and make sure that your character dies within 30 seconds or it will no longer work. The boost utility will make you go 1,000 meters from the start in an instant while mega boost will make you reach 2, 500 fast.

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