Fly GPS Pokemon Go | Fake GPS Pokemon Go Android/iOS[Fly GPS Apk]

Fly GPS Pokemon Go: Pokemon Go is taking the world by storm with its augmented reality concept that no other game has never done. Pokemon Go is played by millions of people. Also check out this to Play Pokemon Go Without Moving/Walking on Android/iOS(iPad/iPhone).

Pokemon Go is not even available in some countries but there is not a problem for those who are living where Pokemon Go is not yet available because they can download the apk file of Pokemon Go from third party websites.

Pokemon Go can be very tiring if you happen to live where there’s not much pokestop and Gyms. Hatching eggs can be a big task as you have to walk for miles to hatch eggs. But what if you don’t have to walk for real anymore. What if you can fake your location and roam around the streets without even being active for real.

Fly GPS Apk Download Pokemon Go Hack|Fake GPS Pokemon Go

There is a hack now for Pokemon Go trainers out there. Well these hack is for those who cannot invest their energy in Pokemon GO and those who want to have some fun and want to reach high XP as soon as possible.

Fly GPS is the app which let you hack the Pokemon Go app. So what is Fly GPS and how to use it?Fly GPS is an app which can manipulate with your GPS location. You can set your location to any place in the world even at some other continents if you want.

This is great for Pokemon Go as you can set your location at any place where there are lots of pokestop and a place where there is a high potential of getting some rare Pokemon’s.

Fly GPS Pokemon Go Hack Apk Install on Android/iOS(iPhone/iPad)

Basically Fly GPS is all about spoofing your location. Fly GPS can be a very great hack tool for Pokemon Go as Pokemon Go is also based on GPS. Simply set your location in Fly GPS in anywhere in the world and you are good to go. Check out this to Trick to Install Magisk Pokemon Go to Bypass Root in Android.

You might be wondering if you won’t move with your smartphone then how you suppose to move your player. Well Fly GPS comes with on screen Joystick feature. You can use joystick to move the trainer here and there. The joystick can be quite complicated as if you are moving the joystick towards up then your trainer will go towards north regardless of where you screen is facing which direction.

Note: Do not change your location frequently as Niantic servers will know about your teleportation from one place to another place. So if you are going to Washington DC and you are in New York then wait for some hours first.

  • Error Fix** Pokemon Go Failed to Detect Location/Fake GPS Solved.

Steps to Install Fly GPS to Play Pokemon Go Location Spoofing/Fake GPS Android

  • Open Fly GPS app and there will be a map showing up on the screen.
  • Just tap anywhere on your screen where the map is so that you can set your initial location.
  • After selecting your location there will be option for joystick. Select “Joystick with Pokemon Go” option.
  • Close the app and Open Pokemon Go.


Now you can use the hack and move around using the controls. Fly GPS Apk Pokemon Go Hackis available on Google Play Store and you can download it for free.

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